PST150-9 Trike Moped Motor Bike 150cc Touring Gas Motor Scooters

PST150-9    Trike Moped Motor Bike 150cc Touring Gas Motor Scooters
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PST150-9    Trike Moped Motor Bike 150cc Touring Gas Motor Scooters

EPA / DOT Approved Street Legal: This scooter for sale is EPA and DOT Approved and is registerable as a street in 50 states including California.

Up to 70 MPG: Ultimate Gas Saver! This gas scooter for sale gets 70 miles per gallon which is extremely fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.

Enhanced Headlights: This 150cc scooter features ultimately enhanced headlights with low beam - high beam. These headlights are bigger and provide light at angles that most mopeds cannot support.

High Performance Hydraulic ABS Disc Brakes: This 150 gas Moped features the fully upgraded ABS hydraulic disc braking system on the front and Rear, which delivers smooth stops in half the distance of standard. Inspire confirdence and relaxation for all riders.

4 stroke 150cc with Fully Automatic Transmission: This scooter is equipped with a powerful 4stroke engine provides power for a strong ride on any road condition. Plenty of power and room for two, with integrated passenger footrest. This is a great vehicle for those first-time-riders or for anyone who doesn't want to deal with the hassle of changing gears.

ITEM: MC-TS9 150cc Trike Gas Moped Scooter

Engine / Drive Train

Engine Type 150cc 4 Stroke Single Cylinder

Displacement 150 ml < td>Max Horsepower 7.0 KW/7500 rpm 8HP

Cooling System Air-Cooled

Transmission Automatic + Reverse

Driveline Chain Drive

Starting System Electric Start

Ignition CDI

Max Speed 55+ MPH (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)

Max Torque 8.3 nm/6000 rpm

Battery 12V/7Ah

Fuel Capacity 3.5 gals

Brakes / Suspension / Chassis

Frame Reinforced Steel Tube

Front Suspension Swing Arm

Rear Suspension Mono Shock

Front Brakes Hydraulic ABS Disc Brake

Rear Brakes Hydraulic ABS Disc Brake

Brake Operation Hand/Hand Brake

Front Wheel 4.00-12 MT2.75 x J12

Rear Wheel 225/40-10

Clutch Automatic CVT Controls / Safety

Age Recommendation Adult

Thumb Throttle (Y/N) N

Brake Pedal (Y/N) N

Remote Start (Y/N) N

Remote Engine Stop (Y/N) N

Remote Alarm (Y/N) N

Speed Governor (Y/N) N

Light Headlights, Front & Rear Turning Signals, Tail Lights, Brake Lights

Capacities / Dimensions

Weight Capacity 330 lbs

Net Weight 298 lbs

Gross Weight 355 lbs

Ground Clearance 6.7 inches < td>Length 91 inches

Width 40 inches

Height 43 inches

Seat Height 31 inches < td>Wheelbase 71 inches

Carton Size 87" X 34" X 50"

Container Size 20 Pcs/40ft HQ

Units/Pallet 1 Pcs/Pallet

Warranty Engine 1 Year

Free Tool Kit, Technical Support Government Certifications DOT DOT Approved. Motorcycle License required in most states ?Check with local DMV EPA EPA Approved C.A.R.B. C.A.R.B. Approved Assembly Assembly Battery, rear wheels, rear fenders, hitch, trunk, windsheild, and the rear mirror setup may be required. Tool Kits FREE Assembly Tool Kits Included Local Pick Up Assembly Fee $150 Assembled by our Certified Mechanic. Please Call 909-287-0366 first. DMV Fee $190 California DMV Registration Fee C A Tax 8.75% California Sold / Outside of California Tax Exempt

How much do you spend on your commute with your 18 - 25 mile per gallon car every week? I would imagine it's expensive. Are you looking for an alternative transportation to get you to school, grocery stores or work? Tired of spending hundreds of dollars to fill up your gas tank? Then you have come to the right place. Gas scooters have become the most popular and affordable transportation. With the costs of gasoline rising, more and more people are choosing gas scooters simply because they are fun, stylish, comfortable, easy to operate and most importantly ?affordable! A few dollars get you around the town for the whole week! That sounds really good! Yep! They are economic. Replacing car trips with a stylish scooter saves on insurance, purchase price, and related registration fees. You can substitute a gas scooter for a car or reap incredible savings by utilizing one less car. They are easy to use. These scooters are simple to maintain and repair. You can run errands easier, quicker, and have more fun. In traffic-congested areas, scooters are quicker than cars. No more frustrating and stressful traffic jams. Instead you will be gliding stress free.

This particular model MC_TS9 is top of the line in its class. This luxury 150cc moped has all the options and features at an unbeatable price. The MC_TS9 light weight and flickable nature allows it to dart through the concrete jingle while leaving cage pilots trailing behind in the wake of its flatulent exhaust note. Delivering up to 70 miles per gallon is just an added bonus. There's plenty of under-seat storage for your gear. Rear dual hydraulic suspension adds to rider comfort, and disc brake both front and rear provides a safer handling on any road condition. The 150cc scooter is EPA and DOT Approved and can get up to 80 miles to the gallon.

Being a factory direct importer enables us offering you unbelievable discounted prices, we also guarantee great service ?our tech support team stands by 5 days a week to assist you with any questions you may have. We carry most of the common spare parts in stock; 6-month limited parts warranty. You can be assured that we will provide the best in quality and service at the very best price!

Some Assembly required: Usually takes about 20 minutes. The Bike are completely assembled in the factory and fully tested. Battery, rear wheels, rear fenders, hitch, trunk, windsheild, and the rear mirror are removed after testing. Item will be shipped in a crate, to assemble, put the above items back on. For safety precautions, be sure to check and tighten all nuts and bolts prior to use. Be sure to check for appropriate engine fluid levels to ensure your vehicle is operating under the recommended conditions.

Remember! You are responsible for performing the setup that a dealer would normally perform - such as putting on rear view mirrors, hooking up the battery, checking tightness of all nuts and bolts, changing oil, etc. Occasionally some units may need other routine items checked/adjusted such as adjusting the carburetor idle and mixture screws, checking to ensure wires are well connected, adjusting chain slack and alignment, if needed. While we will gladly assist you with any technical questions.

BE A RESPONSIBLE RIDER! FOR SAFETY, READ YOUR OWNER'S MANUAL. ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET, EYE PROTECTION, AND PROTECTIVE CLOTHING! NEVER RIDE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS OR ALCOHOL! Parents consider your youngster age, size, ability, and maturity before allowing them to ride. Never engage in stunt driving or ride at excessive speeds. Be careful on difficult terrain. An adult must supervise riders under 16 years of age. ScooterDepot recommends that ALL riders take a training course. For more information visit the ASI website